Uniting the Hidden talents. We, at shilpbazaar.co helpartisans, craftsmen, entrepreneurs in light to sahowcase their picturesque skills and products to the global marketplace. A platform to provide support, sustainance to these creative minds is our goal.We savour the great Indian culture and believe that these are still the most extraordinary work of art and need a soulfulplace to voice up and Stand as a true being, one of its kind.We here, unbox the hidden talents of these kinds..

Meet the team

Anmol is an undergraduate Student at MITS Gwalior and a very aspiring Entrepreneur and Business Enthusiast. His Various experiments and experiencesin Public Relations, Marketing, Hospitality and Business development led him to his journey of being an Entrepreneur. Always exploring, Anmol had a dream to help our local Artisans and their Amazing work and founded SHILPBAZAAR to give their work of Art a recognition, a PLATFORM to empower Local Artisans.


Anmol Soni

Nitin Kurmi is a Technical Head. Currently a undergraduate student, Nitin strives to upskill his talents which led him to his career of being a full time WordPress Website Developer. He’s been designing Websites for over 2 years now. He is one of the pillars, Shilpbazaar rests on. His work here has brought Shilpbazaar one step closer to success.

Technical Head

Nitin Kurmi

Jayant is a Technical Executive. Besides being undergraduate student at MITS Gwalior, Jayant is an aspiring Web Developer and a great support to our technical team. Self learning, he wants to explore more in this field and thinks of it as his career in near future.

Web Developer

Jayant Gangwani

Malvika Sharma is a Content Head Pursuing Bachelors in MITS Gwalior, Malvika is a freelance Content Creator alongside. At Shilpbazaar, she holds a good contribution in Content designing and development. Her additional skills and experience in Marketing and Content Creation are useful in Social Media Handling too.

Content Writing Executive

Malvika Sharma

Sanskruti Chitnis is a marketing executive at SHILPBAZAAR. Sanskruti is an undergraduate student at MITS, Gwalior pursuing Bachelors in Engineering. With her love for art and it’s beauty, she helps drive sales and operation for us.Her magnificant skills also help with social media handling. She’s our content contributor too.

Sales & Marketing Executive

Sanskruti Chitnis

Deepak is an undergraduate from MITS Gwalior who aims to be a successful back end developer.

Technical Executive